Wildlife friendly garden transformation

I’m delighted with all the help that Konia has given us for our garden. It’s a process that began last summer with an initial visit from Konia to my garden. Lots of ideas came out of that visit and a list of work required. Konia also provided details of local tradespeople who would do the work although we prefered to do it ourselves. In the spring, I arranged another visit from Konia to make up a planting list. I’m very keen to have wildlife friendly plants in the garden and Konia suggested a selection of plants that would benefit wildlife at different times of the year. Once I was ready for planting, Konia visited again to place the plants. I’ve really enjoyed the whole process. Konia has been very encouraging and understands the type of garden that suits me. I now have a plan for my garden and I’m looking forward to watching the plants mature. Next years project is a pond (a garden is never finished!) and I’ll be asking Konia for more advice.