Taking time out

Taking time out – even or maybe especially in the busy spring time is really important. We do, in the end, create gardens for ourselves, so we should sit down and enjoy them too – not just weed and dig and prune – though that’s obviously important too!

Do you have enough seating in your garden? Having different perches in different parts of the garden (sunny / shady / secluded / with views / near the house) is important for your time out.

Do you have a water feature? Water is important for wildlife – and magical for ourselves.

If you have a pond – do you have access to it? There is nothing (in my book) like being close to the wildlife in your pond -maybe taking all the time a frog takes to watch a particular fly, stare at it some more and for a bit longer and then SNAP it up, shut it’s eyes for a second and then lick it’s ‘lips’ and swallow. The privilege to be close to wildlife is really life enhancing.