the clear up


It’s the final clear up before winter. All the buckets need to go into the shed, all the trowels reclaimed from their border homes. Yes, despite all attempts at order, the borders seem to hold on to some of them for a while. Equally secateurs. I don’t buy expensive ones anymore – is it the roses objecting to being pruned that made the red secateurs hide behind that lovely dark red David Austin rose (‘Munstead Wood’)? Once all is tidyed, it’s time to sit back in the house, grab a book and plan next years garden adventures.

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One thought on “the clear up

  1. Thank you to Konia for my garden consultation – very much needed as I am a complete novice gardener and don’t really know what I’m doing. She’s given me some great advice, a plan for my garden and great suggestions. Thanks again. Caroline L., Inverness. November 2014

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