it’s June



Long days, short nights. If it wasn’t for going to work, this is the month to live in the garden. Again you realise that you forgot to move that pink lupin away from the yellow loosestrife. And those astilbes and the rudbeckias are going to flower next to each other again. Do you have the heart to move them now and maybe loose the flowers? Some of them are moved, others stay and I put buffer colours next to them. Dark blue aconitum next to the astilbes and rudbeckias, as well as some dark leafed persicaria. That will soften the clashing colours into a general colour melee. The colours of the lupin and the loosestrife (sounds like a title for a novel!) are enhanced by squeezing in a dark leafed physocarpus to the back. Yeah that’s good, rather than aiming for perfection, going for vibrancy works too – if you are into lots of colour that is!

Happy gardening, I hope you especially enjoy the evening gardening hours.



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