whatever your garden issue

Whatever your garden issue is, Konia is the answer. She designed our garden from scratch, dealing with difficult leveling out and drainage issues and making the most of what was already there.  She has flair and imagination when designing, and plans for how you will get the most fun and the last drop of sunshine out of your garden. Her ideas range from the outrageous to the practical, but she will always listen to what you want – there is never any pressure. Then comes choosing plants. Her plant knowledge is fantastic – she will know exactly what to suggest for your particular garden. Everything I have chosen with Konia‚Äôs guidance has flourished, because she puts the right plant in the right place for your soil, climate and wildlife issues (rabbits!). And such beautiful and unusual plants too. Konia has also overseen the transformation either doing work herself or finding people to come and do it, and everything has been done to the highest standard so that it looks fantastic.  She is great to work with, gets things done, is really good value, and you will be so glad you got her involved. 
Mary, Easter Kinkell.