I was listening to Ruth Gillies singing ‘3 days of summer’ how very apt for this year! But don’t let it get you down, the plants are still growing, in fact they seem to be particularly tall this year. With many plants there is still a chance to stake, but watch out – this can be a dangerous business. I always thought those toppers were silly things but I got a stake in my eyelid (close call!) the other day and will be much more careful from now on.

I like Monty Don’s way of staking – he uses metal rods (Evans James in Dingwall for example supply them and  can cut them to size – ask for Gary) that he bends into shape. This is very easy to do – see gardeners world website ‘DIY plant supports’. No poking in the face there, as long as you don’t leave them lying around.. They rust nicely, are hardly noticeable in the border, don’t break the bank and you can have them in different shapes and sizes. Job done!

Enjoy summer when it comes and as it goes – happy gardening!P1160561