Changes afoot

The ideas that I’ve come up with last winter are taking shape. I’d like some space for some more exciting plants and having just been to Highland Liliums Garden Centre I came away with more than the one plant I wanted to buy… So I’ve decided to extend the flower beds and reduce the size of the lawn. No, I won’t go as mad as on the picture, but more sinuous curves would be nice and accommodating for my new treasures. Fortunately I took lots of photographs last year and can tell where plants that are not showing yet are positioned, that way I can arrange the existing plants and the new arrivals in a co-ordinated way of shape, size, texture and colour. Many of the gardening books tell you to move plants in autumn, but I find that spring is the best time in our northern climate. But if I go on another plant binge I might have to do the same thing inĀ autumn – here’s fingers crossed that the plants will put up with it all and thrive.


Enjoy your garden and any changes that your are planning to make to it!