Planting design

Having just bought a new bungalow with a garden on quite a steep slope, which we have had terraced, Konia has been truly inspirational in the choosing and placing of plants in this new garden.

Her knowledge of plants, their varieties and suitability is amazing. Her understanding of how plants work with each other for their colours and shapes and how they are going to look in a few years time when they are well established is just what we needed.

Thank you so much.

Carol Hipwood, Broomhill, Muir of Ord

Garden inspiration

“I had the good fortune to spend a few days with Konia this past autumn and was impressed with the beautiful layout of her own gardens.  Always a work in progress, the remarkable thing about her garden was that it had come together brilliantly in a relatively short period of time.   In addition to designing a garden that always displays color and interest, she also incorporated in her design water features, sculptures, shade beds, sun beds, and various seating areas and tiered patios.   Her knowledge of plants and plant behaviour is extensive and by the time I departed, she had furnished me with wonderful ideas for my garden.” Sue Shuttleworth, Chicago, USA

Garden inspiration

“Konia has a strong sense of design but what makes her stand out from other garden designers I’ve come across, is her love of plants – she’s a real plantswoman. She knows what works – her own herbaceous borders are stunning.” Moira Forsyth, Muir of Ord. February 2015

Garden coaching

Thank you to Konia for my garden consultation – very much needed as I am a complete novice gardener and don’t really know what I’m doing. She’s given me some great advice, a plan for my garden and great suggestions. Thanks again. Caroline L., Inverness. November 2014

Hi Konia,

thank you for all your help with the design for the hard landscaping and all your general input. My formerly boring square flat bit of grass is now an interesting garden with different levels and all year round use and interest – thank you. Marie Schulz, Inverness, February 2014