Garden Coaching

Working with Konia has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. She doesn’t do everything for you, but instead, she involves you in the process and coaches you through the various steps, allowing you to gain knowledge along the way. The experience has awakened a new interest for me and provided me with an enjoyable hobby. After years of avoiding the garden, I now can’t stay out of mine! Jackie H., Garve

Support local garden centres

Save our local garden centres! Abriachan, Highland Liliums and Ardfern (to name a few) are all trading. The first two are doing deliveries, Ardfern can put your order in their car park for your collection. Enjoy your garden and keep safe!


Carry on gardening

Well we live in strange times – sometimes it feels like a bad film. As I’ll be less busy with work I’ve decided to really go for growing vegetables this year – a lot more than I normally do. I usually don’t have the time. Gardens can help us relax, push the rest of the world away for a few hours (I can really do with that just now) and they can feed us. I wish you strength and health to get through these difficult times.

Finding treasure

Some gardens produce amazing finds. I am working at a lovely garden project in Elgin at the moment and look what was found digging up an area to create a border! (The stone – of course – the dog is for scale!)

This will be used as a stunning part of the design of the garden. Watch this space!

spare plants

Is your garden established and overflowing with plants that are outgrowing their space? All your friends gardens are already full with these plants too? Here are a couple of options to get flowers to other people’s gardens: You could go on freecycle and/or facebook and advertise them there (for free) or – if you have some passing traffic put out a sign next to some bags (old compost/pet food bags for example). Free plants – I tend to leave it up to individuals to put a donation to their charity.

That’s the spare plants sorted rather then going to the garden waste bin!